International Graduates Club Linz


    • Hang out with a diverse community of talented individuals from the sciences, arts and technology
    • Access the International Cultural Lounge in the OÖ Kulturquartier even outside working hours
    • Use the space that consists of a hangout and a coworking zone with an inspirational atmosphere wrapped around a lively cultural scene and restaurants, cafe bars, etc.
    • Engage and create public events with the help of the OÖ Kulturquartier and International Graduates Club
    • Collaborate, hang out, create new ideas and engage with society and like-minded people
    • Create a vibrant atmosphere in the center on Linz to display your ideas, work and interests
    • Integrate into the society of Linz and in other international communities
    • Discuss and solve problems of being an international together
    • Open end for making our community and Linz attractive
    • As soon as there are sufficiently many members, the Club will be open daily from 16h until 23h. Typically, the Club will be organized as a kind of Cafeteria from 16h until 20h pm with an organized program (talks etc.) typically between 18h and 20h. Any ideas for activities are welcome.
    International Graduates Club Linz Organisation/Firma:
    International Graduates Club Linz